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Why Now is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance

Get AC Maintenance Out of the Way Before Summer Hits!

Spring is in full swing, and many homeowners are getting used to the mild temperatures that make this time of year so pleasant. It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget about things that homeowners should usually do during the spring months before summer arrives. One of these things is air conditioner maintenance

After sitting unused for most of the winter, AC units need to be checked by a professional to make sure they’re up to cool the home come summer. There are three major reasons why scheduling maintenance in spring is better than waiting until summer!

Easier Scheduling and More Availabilityscheduling

Spring is an ideal time for AC maintenance because it beats the rush that inevitably comes during the early summer months. Many people put off this essential maintenance until they start using their air conditioners more.

Lucky homeowners won’t have any problems arise before getting their maintenance done. But those unlucky homeowners will have a rude awakening when their AC doesn’t function correctly and they have to wait for busy HVAC techs to show up. Summer is the busiest time for HVAC technicians, so scheduling maintenance early can help homeowners beat the rush.  

Prevent Summer Breakdowns

Some people decide to skip yearly AC maintenance altogether, thinking it’s unnecessary or that the time for it has passed. This is like skipping the oil change and basic diagnostic on a car before a road trip. Most people will run their air conditioner almost constantly during the summer, just like a car on a long road trip. An AC system is complex and requires occasional maintenance performed by trained professionals. Skipping this invites breakdowns at the worst possible times. 

Luckily, technicians can catch and remedy minor problems before they turn into major ones when AC maintenance is done in spring. This can keep the system running smoothly all summer, which helps save homeowners money and prevents headaches. 


Improve AC Life Expectancy

Not only does regular AC maintenance help to keep the system running well in the short term, but it also helps extend the life of the system. When components are allowed to wear down, small, easy-to-fix problems turn into big, expensive ones. And since air conditioners are fairly complex systems, a problem in one area often affects others. 

AC maintenance involves various tasks and diagnostics that help keep the system running smoothly. These include cleaning and inspecting the indoor and outdoor units, testing refrigerant levels, testing airflow, checking electrical connections, and lubricating moving parts, among many other tasks. By having maintenance done once a year, homeowners can extend the life of their AC system, turning a possible 12-year average lifespan into 15 years or more! AC maintenance is quick, easy, and is a minor cost compared to emergency repairs or replacement. 

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