Furnace Installation Services in Brentwood

Don’t risk having your aging furnace completely malfunction in the winter months. Call us for installation and replacement services in the East Bay area.

If you wait too long to replace your aging furnace you could be left in the cold all winter. Don’t take the risk! Install a new unit before your system completely fails. Call Elite Comfort Systems for furnace installation and replacement services in Brentwood, CA. We offer 24/7 emergency services!

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Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

Are you debating whether or not you need to repair or replace your furnace? These signs can indicate you need to install a new system:

  • Your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Your system can no longer effectively heat your home.
  • Your unit has cracks. If there is a crack in the heat exchanger it can lead to a carbon monoxide leak, which can be very dangerous for your entire household.
  • Your monthly utility bills start to increase.
  • Your system needs multiple repairs.
  • Your system needs a large, costly repair.

Benefits of New Furnace Installation

When you install a new furnace, you can rest assured that your system will likely not need to be repaired or replaced in the near future. However, there are additional benefits. Some other advantages of installing a new system can include:

  • New units come with the latest technology and features to control the climate in your home.
  • New systems are more energy-efficient, using up to 30 percent less fuel than older models.
  • New units make less noise than older units.
  • New models provide more consistent heating throughout your house than older systems.

Do you need to heat a large home or space? Contact us to learn about our boiler services.

Common Furnace Problems

Unfortunately, from time to time your furnace may encounter problems that need professional repairs. Some common issues your system can encounter include:

  • Lack of maintenance: Failing to schedule regular tune-ups or maintenance on your unit can result in issues that need to be repaired.
  • Dirty or clogged filters: Not replacing your filters regularly - at least every three months - can cause debris to build up, which can put a strain on your unit. This can also result in poor indoor air quality.
  • Wear and tear: Your unit can develop problems as it ages, requiring more frequent repairs.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat: If the temperature in your home doesn’t match the setting on the thermostat you will need to have the device inspected by a professional.
  • Inadequate airflow: Disrupted airflow can cause your unit to overheat.
  • Carbon monoxide leak: Problems like a cracked heat exchanger can lead to a carbon monoxide leak. This can be a very dangerous situation for your family and needs to be treated as an emergency.

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