AC Refrigerant Leak Services in Brentwood

A refrigerant leak can cause your air conditioner to malfunction and pose potential dangers to your household. When you need help, call us for AC refrigerant leak repair services in Contra Costa County.

Is your house failing to reach the temperature on the thermostat even when the AC unit is running? Is there moisture under your system? These could signal an AC refrigerant leak. If you notice these issues, call Elite Comfort Systems for appointments in Brentwood, CA. A family-owned and operated company, we provide transparent, flat-rate pricing.

Is your AC unit turning off before it reaches the temperature on the thermostat? Contact us for air conditioning repair services.

Signs You Have a Refrigerant Leak

You need the proper amount of refrigerant in your air conditioner to ensure it functions as expected. A leak can put stress on your system, forcing it to work harder than usual to cool your house. Have a professional inspect your unit for a refrigerant leak if you notice the following signs:

  • Loss of cooling power: Your system must work harder to cool your property as the refrigerant levels drop. If you notice a gradual change in the temperature in your home, it can signal a leak.
  • Formation of ice or frost: If you notice ice or frost around the evaporator coil it can be a symptom of a leak. As refrigerant leaks out of your system and the charge drops too low, it can prevent the evaporator coil from absorbing heat to warm the cold refrigerant, leading to frost and ice.
  • Hissing sounds: If you hear a hissing sound coming from your unit, it can signal a leak. Even a small, pin-needle sized leak can cause a hissing sound.

Why Professionals Need To Handle Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant can be a dangerous substance, and therefore should only be handled by a professional. If you suspect a leak, call an AC contractor to have him or her safely perform the following tasks:

  • Locate and seal the leak.
  • Safely handle the refrigerant, as it can be dangerous to those who come into contact with it.
  • Recharge your unit with the correct type and amount of refrigerant.

A malfunctioning air handler can negatively impact your entire AC system. Contact us for air handler services.

Common Causes of Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak can be a common issue with air conditioning units. Some causes of the leaks can include:

  • The formation of formic acid can come from the copper lines used to protect the lines.
  • Vibrations in the air conditioning system.
  • Weakening joints or connections.

Have your AC unit professionally serviced at least once year to help prevent these leaks.

If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your AC unit, call Elite Comfort Systems at 925-580-8875 for services in Brentwood, CA. We are family-owned and operated!