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Keep the Indoor Air Clean for the Holidays

Easy Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality 

The holidays are nearly here, and that means people will be gathering together in their homes for meals and celebrations. But when temperatures cool off, lung problems become more prevalent. The conditions found in most homes during the winter impede the body’s ability to protect itself from illness and allergies.

Luckily, there is a simple set of steps that homeowners can take to protect themselves and others from illness during the holidays, and they all include improving the air quality in the home. Here are some easy suggestions to help homeowners make their homes safe and clean for guests this season. 

Install New Air Filters 

air filter Air filters help keep the inside of air conditioners and heaters clean. Keeping dust and grime out of the moving parts allows them to work more reliably for longer, but it also helps keep them safe for people in the home. Once dust builds up inside the blower and ductwork of a central heating and cooling system, it can become the perfect breeding ground for pathogens that can negatively affect lung health. By keeping fresh filters in service all year long, the inside of the heater and the home can stay clean and support good immunity. 

Replacing dirty air filters with clean air filters, typically around every three months, helps improve indoor air quality and the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Air filters pull allergens and dust from the air, providing clean air around the home. This helps support lung health for everyone who breathes the air so they can successfully fend off illness and lung problems over the winter. 

Have the Evaporator Coils Cleaned 

The evaporator coil is an essential part of air conditioning systems and heat pumps that all of the air in the home comes into contact with. Dirty evaporator coils must also be cleaned to help improve the energy efficiency of the system, which leads to lower energy bills for homeowners.

Evaporator coils easily catch dust when air filters allow them to pass, and they are generally moist with condensation. This allows mold and mildew to form. Every time the air conditioner or heater cycles, it pumps harmful spores around the home. Cleaning the evaporator coil once per year is the best way to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem. 

Hire Professionals for Indoor Air Quality Assessments 

indoor air quality testingFor homeowners suspicious that their health and lung problems are starting with their indoor air, asking a professional is a great way to get an immediate answer. Air quality experts can perform indoor air quality assessments that can provide hard data about the threats in the air of a home. Some of the aspects of indoor air quality that experts will check are: 

  • Presence of carbon monoxide 
  • Presence of radon
  • Level of particulate in the air
  • Humidity 
  • Air temperature

After an indoor air quality assessment, homeowners will have a better idea of where they can make improvements to improve the health of those in the home and what indoor air quality services would help them the most. 

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