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Why is Spring the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance?

Schedule AC Service Before the Summer Heat!

Summer is just around the corner, and for many, the weather is already warm enough to run the air conditioner daily. And with all that AC usage heading into the hotter months, there’s no better time to schedule air conditioning maintenance with a professional. 

Many homeowners wait until summer is in full swing to get their air conditioners serviced - or skip it altogether - only to find themselves without a working AC when needed most! So this article will lay out three big reasons why every homeowner should get a jump on their air conditioning maintenance before spring is over!

More Availability and Convenient Scheduling

schedulingThe first reason to schedule AC maintenance in the spring is to secure a more convenient time slot. HVAC service companies are typically at their busiest during the summer when most air conditioning issues tend to arise due to the increased workload on the unit - not to mention all the last-minute maintenance calls. 

Even with a larger HVAC company with a full staff of technicians, the schedule can fill up very quickly, and homeowners who are late to the punch can find themselves waiting days for their service visit. They may also have to choose a time slot that’s less convenient for them. But by scheduling maintenance early, before the busy season arrives, homeowners can get their AC system serviced quickly and at a time that works best for them.

Improve Performance and Efficiency

Another reason to get a spring AC tune-up is that it will help the air conditioning system run smoothly and more efficiently all summer long. One key aspect of professional AC maintenance is inspecting the system for issues like worn parts, dirty air filters, electrical malfunctions, and dirty components. 

By catching these problems early during maintenance, technicians can prevent them from developing into more serious issues that can cause breakdowns or impede the system’s performance. A professional tune-up and cleaning will also ensure the unit operates at its peak energy efficiency when the summer heat arrives in full force. In this way, maintenance in the spring not only keeps the home more comfortable during the summer but also helps homeowners save money on repair and energy bills!

Extend the Life of the Unit

ac unitRoutine maintenance also helps make the air conditioning system last longer and work more reliably by minimizing the need for repairs and maximizing energy efficiency. General wear and tear can take its toll on an AC unit over the years, but regular tune-ups can mitigate these effects and help ensure that the unit lasts as long as possible. This is why many manufacturer warranties for air conditioners require annual service from qualified professionals.

Staying on top of maintenance is especially important for older units, as these tend to require more repairs, which become more and more costly as compatible parts get harder to find. Regular service visits can help prevent these expensive repairs and keep the unit chugging along in its twilight years so that when the time does finally come for homeowners to replace the unit, they can be confident that they got their money’s worth! 

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