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Top Reasons Your Heater Isn't Keeping the House Warm

Common HVAC Problems That Could Affect a Home's Heating System

Each year, the winter months can bring a new set of issues for a heating system. As temperatures drop, homeowners may notice their heater can’t stick to the ideal indoor temp. If a homeowner finds that a heater isn’t up-to-speed come wintertime, there are a few common problems that may be affecting the system’s performance and keeping things chilly. Being aware of these common problems can keep a furnace system running properly when efficient heating is needed the most.

Improperly-Sized Heater Installation

An important consideration when choosing a heater is the size of the unit. A few problems will arise if a heater unit is not the right size for the home. A unit too small will not have enough power to heat the home properly, forcing it to work overtime. On the other hand, a unit too large will put out too much power, effectively wasting energy. 

Both cases create unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. An improperly-sized heater installation will cause the unit to turn on and off too frequently. This extra activity will wear the machine down sooner over time. More importantly, this constant improper cycling will cause higher energy bills in those colder winter months.

To get an idea of what size unit is best, trained technicians are educated and knowledgeable in choosing the right fit for a heater installation. In the long run, this attention to size will help save money and extend the life of the unit.

thermostatIncorrect Thermostat Installation 

Sometimes the issue isn’t the external heating unit, but the delicate, internal workings of the thermostat. There are a lot of reasons that a thermostat isn’t working properly, but all of them can lead to an HVAC system working too hard, not hard enough, or worst-case scenario, not at all! 

The positioning of the thermostat is the first thing that should be evaluated. If the thermostat is in an area of the home that is subject to excessive heat or cold, this can cause the thermostat to unnecessarily adjust the temperature. A dirty thermostat will also make it difficult for the unit to gauge the correct temperature of a space. The inside of the thermostat can accumulate dust and debris on the contacts, making it difficult for the thermostat to operate properly.

Older thermostats have their own set of things homeowners can check for: batteries and leveling. Some thermostats may just need a battery change - easy fix! And there is lastly the issue of leveling the thermostat. This applies to earlier models where the inner workings need to be completely level in order to operate the right way.

Lastly, a thermostat installation expert can provide service to check for program defects that may exist or wiring issues that may exist within. Only a professional should attempt any wiring or re-programming of a thermostat to ensure that the unit is handled properly and that the HVAC system maintains its integrity.

Leaves and Debris Can Be Cleared with Heater Service HVAC

While autumn leaves are one of the most beautiful parts of the season change, they bring a different set of problems that may affect heater performance. With all the fans and pipes on a heating unit, it’s smart to keep the area on top of and around it clear of those pretty fall season leaves.

Debris accumulating near or on a heating unit will also create blockages, preventing proper air intake and making it harder for the heating unit to keep warm air circulating within a house. Clogs can also affect a unit’s condenser coils, further hampering that essential airflow. 

Lastly, to extend the life of a heating unit, wet, organic matter should also be removed to clear the risk of bacteria, mold, or rust. All of these things will shorten the unit’s lifespan; it’s good to remove this risk by simply clearing the debris before it gets wet and decomposes.

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