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This Christmas, Think About a HighTech Gift for the Whole House!

Go for Comfort With a New Smart Home Thermostat!

When shopping for loved ones, there is often the question about what to get and whether one should purchase something practical or fun. The answer may be obvious for some people on the holiday gifting list, but the path to a good gift may be more uncertain for others. When it comes to high-tech gifts, the gift giver is almost guaranteed to be making the right choice. 

A smart home thermostat may be just the thing for a homeowner who would prefer to be comfortable and save money with a minimal amount of effort.

Is Now the Right Time for a New Thermostat?

thermostatsThe question is: Is a smart thermostat the right gift this year? Here are a few signs to look for that will indicate a need for thermostat replacement:
  • Age: Just how long has the thermostat been plugging along? Machines can only last so long, and the life of a thermostat is usually about 10 years.
  • High Energy Bills: Does the electric or gas bill seem much higher than previous years with no significant difference in temperature? This may indicate a problem with the thermostat.
  • Constantly Changing Temperatures: An older or malfunctioning thermostat will have a much more difficult time keeping the home at a consistent temperature.
  • Short Cycling: This is a phenomenon when the HVAC system shuts off early, not completing a heating or cooling sequence. This is one of the most common reasons to replace a thermostat.

Why Choose a Smart Thermostat?


While there are many benefits to owning a smart home thermostat, there are a few reasons that stand out. 

  • Convenience: Wifi-enabled thermostats are especially convenient because homeowners can adjust the temperature via their smartphone app.
  • Self-programming: Many smart thermostats have a self-programming feature that learns the habits of the people in the house and adjusts settings accordingly.
  • Economical: Because it is easy to lower the temperature when people are gone and even turn the temperature back up before one is home, these lovely little gadgets can greatly help energy savings.

Wide Variety of Great Choices To Fit Most Budgets

Because the technology has been available for several years now, there are many options to choose from when it comes to smart thermostat installation. From the Alexa-powered Amazon Smart Thermostat to the Honeywell Lyric, there are benefits to each, and they can fit within almost any gift budget.

  • Amazon Smart Thermostat: This thermostat is meant to be integrated with Alexa, which can be used to set up “routines” for maximum efficiency. It is inexpensive at $60 and is meant to work with existing central heating and cooling systems.
  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control: The Ecobee has an Alexa speaker, so homeowners can listen to music, and works with Siri and Google Assistant. It comes with a second temperature sensor that can be placed away from the main thermostat to help maintain temps throughout the home. 
  • Nest Learning Thermostat: This is one of the “original” learning thermostats, and it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Like the Ecobee, it has a separate temperature sensor available.
  • Resideo Honeywell Home T9: This model comes with what is known as “geofencing” that can sense when a homeowner is getting close to home(via smartphone app tracking) and adjust the temperature accordingly. It also has an optional sensor to detect proximity, humidity, and temperature. The smartphone app is easy to use, and the price is a reasonable $200.

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