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Save Money for the Holidays: 3 Tricks to Reduce Energy Bills

How Can an HVAC System Help Save Money?

Holidays can be an expensive time of year without first planning. A qualified technician should maintain the heater before winter to prepare it for use and save money on electric bills. An efficient unit can save homeowners money on energy bills. This blog discusses tips to help lower energy bills so homeowners can save money this holiday season. 

Upgrade the Thermostat

thermostatUpgrading to a programmable thermostat helps lower electric bills. It allows homeowners to set the thermostat for select days and times during the week. When tenants are no longer at home, the HVAC system does not need to run. This alone saves energy and money.

A Wi-Fi thermostat is sometimes referred to as a smart thermostat. The indoor temperature is adjusted through an app so homeowners can remotely control their HVAC systems. If there is a schedule change and nobody is home, a smart thermostat allows a homeowner to turn off the heat from wherever they’re currently located. 

Change Air Filters

filterAn air filter traps dust particles, pollen, and pet dander before they circulate throughout the house. Homes with old air filters are usually too dirty to collect additional allergens and can cause worsening allergies or asthma. Clean air filters help regulate temperature as well as air quality. 

While the health benefits are well established, changing air filters on time can also reduce electric bills. HVAC units work best when they can easily push airflow through the ventilation system. Air filter replacement can reduce around 10% of energy expenses each month if they are replaced at least every three months.  

Hire Professional Maintenance Technicians

More than cleaning the fan blades and changing the air filters are needed to keep an HVAC unit working correctly. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking: if it still runs, it’s still working. But this is not necessarily true.

A broken HVAC unit can still produce cool air when it’s hot and warm air throughout the winter. However, power bills will dramatically increase if the unit works harder to circulate the set temperature because it’s not working right. 

Broken HVAC units will occasionally run through their heating cycles faster than expected. While short cycling and turning on and off too frequently, the system will continue to damage its components. Without repairs, an HVAC system may need to be replaced years before its time. The problem can become much more expensive if homeowners delay repairs.

Routine maintenance can prevent sudden shutdowns, extend the system lifespan, improve efficiency, and save homeowners money. Inspections are often conducted in the fall, so the heater doesn’t break during the coldest months of the year and in the spring so that an air conditioner doesn’t break during the hottest months. Professional maintenance involves checking the safety controls, refrigerant pressure, and airflow. Professionals can prevent costly repairs in addition to decreasing power bills. 

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