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Plan for a New Heating System in 2023

Stay Warm in the New Year With a New Heater 

The new year may be young, but the winter has just begun, which means the heater is just starting to work hard to keep the home warm. With so much work left to do during the cold season, some homeowners may wonder if their heating system will be able to keep up. For those constantly worried about keeping the heater on, it may be time to get some peace of mind. 2023 may be the year for a new heater. 

Heater installation can be a big decision, and no homeowner wants to go into the situation blindly. Luckily, professionals can offer advice along the way to give homeowners confidence that they are making the right call. Here is a quick guide from heater installation experts to help homeowners understand when heaters need to be replaced and how to pick the right heater for a home. 

Signs That Heater Replacement is a Good Idea 

Replacing the heating system in a home is obviously a costly project, so homeowners don’t want to make the decision prematurely. Not knowing when to replace the heater is maybe the biggest hang-up homeowners have when it comes to installation. Fortunately, some signs indicate a heater will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. These signs are: 

  • Age: A heater older than 15 years old is about due for replacement. Most are expected to last around 20 years, so at the 15-year mark, homeowners should start saving up. 
  • Efficiency: Older heaters lose efficiency every year that they are in service. Over time this will manifest itself in higher utility bills. Eventually, replacing the heater will make more sense instead of paying for poor efficiency. 
  • High Repair Bills: As heaters age, they will need more and more care to keep them going. This will result in high repair bills that make heater replacement a better financial choice. 

Selecting the Right Heating System for a Home

heaterThe right heating system for any home is likely to upgrade the system that is already in place. However, when homeowners consider efficiency, reliability, and comfort, they may decide to change systems entirely. The most common choices for heating systems are:

Homeowners should take some time to research each type of system and contact experts for input when selecting the type of system they will install. Ductless systems are great for older homes without ductwork and to avoid the heat loss associated with air ducts. 

Don’t Forget Heater Maintenance

maintainingTo protect the new heater, heater maintenance is essential. The heater in a home does a lot of work to keep the house warm, and each season takes a toll. Heater maintenance is an easy way to turn back the clock on the heater and see benefits like: 

  • Increased reliability
  • Fewer repairs
  • Lower utility bills
  • Better comfort
  • Better longevity

Homeowners can get the most out of their heating systems by scheduling heater maintenance with a professional annually. Be sure to partner with a reliable heating maintenance contractor immediately after heater replacements to maximize the benefits. 

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