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Mini Split Cooling: What Homeowners Should Know

Ductless Mini Split Systems Can Keep a Home Cool Even at the Height of Summer

Independence Day is often a time of gatherings. The more people gather the more heat is created. This can put a strain on more traditional air conditioners and will lighten the pocketbook. With guests coming to stay for the July 4th holiday, a homeowner may be in for a shock when the utility bill comes in. Suppose a homeowner is in the market for a new cooling system. In that case, they may want to look into the latest technological innovation in the HVAC industry: the ductless mini-split system. 

How Does Ductless Cooling Work?

The basics of ductless cooling are typically one central condenser connected to as many as eight units that cool individual rooms through refrigerant tubes. The warm air is pulled into the unit for cooling, the heat converting the liquid in the refrigerant lines to gas. The gas in the lines then goes through the main condenser unit, where the heat energy is released outside. The cooler liquid returns to the room and removes more warm air. This cycle cools the room. 

Why Choose Ductless Over Traditional HVAC?

acThere are several advantages to choosing a ductless mini-split system over a traditional ducted system, including:
  • Independent Thermostats: This one is first on the list in honor of Independence Day. Clearly, one major advantage of the ductless mini splits is that each room can be cooled as needed or independently of the other rooms. There are separate thermostats for each room unit (or head). This way, if rooms are not in use, the system does not use energy to cool them. 
  • Efficiency: Because of these above-mentioned multiple thermostats, this system is much more efficient than a traditional HVAC which typically has one thermostat. Because there are no ducts, less energy is lost between the main condenser and the individual units, so cooling is quicker. This makes for lower energy costs.
  • Flexibility: This aspect is easy to explain. There are only certain places the traditional ducts can be placed. Though the mini-splits do use tubing, they can be installed in practically innumerable ways. This makes a ductless system ideal for older houses or locations that have not previously had ductwork.
  • Easier to install: Because there are no ducts to install, there is no need to cut open ceilings, walls, or floors. Installation is quicker and easier for both the HVAC professional and the homeowner.  

Air Quality Options with Ductless

air quality

Many homeowners are not aware that, though the traditional HVAC system is equipped with a filter, indoor air can sometimes be more polluted than outside air. This is because ducts can accumulate dust and other particulate matter if the ducts and filters are not properly maintained. The ductless mini-split eliminates this problem because no ducts are used. Using a high-quality filter along with the mini-split will also make a significant improvement in the air quality indoors. 

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