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It's Time Homeowner Came Out On Top During Allergy Season

3 Tips for Keeping Spring Allergies at Bay

Spring is a favorite season of many. It is the time of year that everything seems to wake up and come alive. Everything warms up again, and nature begins to bloom. It’s hard not to like spring for everything it gives the world. That said, there is one downside to spring: allergies. The spring season is synonymous with allergy season, namely because of all the blooming. People tend to spend more time outdoors as well, which can make the home dirtier, quicker. Homeowners with pets will also notice their pets shedding more in the spring, leading to still more allergies. There are three tips that every homeowner should know when it comes to maintaining a clean home and reducing allergens.  

Never Let Dust Sit 

Dusting might not be the favorite chore around the house, but it can save the household from experiencing allergy symptoms. When dust gathers on surfaces, all sorts of bacteria and other contaminants can cling to it. The dust itself is enough to cause sneezing. It even dries out the air in the home. 

When homeowners do their best to remove dust from the home, it helps relieve some of these allergy symptoms people experience in the spring. 

Common surfaces that tend to attract a lot of dust are: 

  • Countertops and tabletops
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Home decor
  • The TV and TV stand
  • Artificial and real plants

Going through and dusting these areas of the home at least once a week will help reduce allergies. 

Circulate Airflow (Windows and Fans)

open windows Another great and free way to reduce allergens in the home is to circulate the airflow whenever possible. If the homeowner notices it’s a little windy outside, it might be a great day to open the windows. Opening two windows at opposite ends of the home can get a nice cross breeze that circulates the airflow in the house. 

However, this also invites outside dirt and debris into the home, so homeowners have to be careful. Screens are recommended for this reason. 

Homeowners can also try turning on ceiling fans to get the same circulation of airflow. It doesn’t necessarily invite new air into the home but circulates the air that the AC pushes out. Still, ceiling fans are another object in the home that tends to gather a lot of dust. It is crucial to ensure the ceiling fans are clean before using them to circulate airflow. 

Replace the Air Filter Often

air filter The air filter is something everyone knows they have to replace, but no one ever seems to remember to replace it on time. The more often a homeowner replaces their air filter, the cleaner their air will be and the more efficient their HVAC system. 

Typically, it is recommended to replace the air filter once every three months. Those that live alone might be able to get away with waiting a little longer between replacements. Contrarily, those with multiple people and pets in the home might try to replace the air filter even sooner than three months. 

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