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Easy Ways to Maintain the Heater This Fall

Get the Heating System Ready for Fall 

Every year, the colder seasons begin the same way. First, it’s a cool breeze, perfect for long walks and bike rides. Then, the chilly breeze turns frigid, making a warm evening at home better than a cold day at the beach. Californians rarely turn to their heaters for comfort, but when they do, they expect everything to work as expected. 

There are many ways that homeowners can maintain their heaters before autumn officially starts. Here, one can learn about how to maintain their heater and the benefits of doing so. 

The Many Benefits of Heating Maintenance 

saveSome benefits of routine heater maintenance include: 

  • A longer lifespan. With proper maintenance, one can make their heaters last even longer. This saves homeowners the stress of having to install new systems too often, and it also saves money. 
  • Saving money. Nobody wants to keep forking money over for a new heater because they neglected maintenance when they can put that money toward other home improvements. Another way maintenance saves homeowners money is because efficiency is improved. When the heater doesn’t need to use as much energy, the cost of energy bills is reduced. 
  • Ensuring the home’s safety. Malfunctioning heaters can endanger both the house and the people living in it. For instance, chronic leakage can cause mold growth and damage drywall. Gas leaks from gas-powered heaters can cause respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms. 

These are just some of the benefits of maintaining the home’s heater. For more information about the benefits of routine maintenance, one should contact a professional HVAC technician. 

How to Maintain the Heater 

filter Homeowners can maintain their HVAC system by scheduling a visit with a technician twice a year, once for the air conditioner and once for the heater. These professionals can nip problems in the bud, preventing small issues from becoming bigger, more expensive problems. 

Other ways for homeowners to maintain the home’s heater include: 

  • Replacing the air filter. EnergyStar notes that one should change their HVAC system’s air filter at least once every three months. They should change the filter even more often if they live with many people or have pets. Air filters help regulate the home’s indoor air quality. 
  • Cleaning the vents. If too much dust accumulates around the home’s vents, this can prevent the house from getting to its desired temperature. It could also cause the heater to work overtime, leading to higher energy costs. 

It’s Never Too Early to Think About Heater Maintenance 

The closer it gets to winter, the more people will start scheduling maintenance appointments with HVAC professionals. This can make getting an appointment difficult. Considering the benefits of heater maintenance and working with a professional, one can beat the colder temperatures and schedule maintenance to prepare their heater for Fall. 

One should consider scheduling a heater maintenance visit soon if: 

  • They haven’t had their heater checked by a professional this year.
  • The home isn’t getting to the desired temperature. 
  • One anticipates using their heater more often in the near future. 
  • Odd odors or sounds come from the heater when it turns on. 

About Elite Comfort Systems 

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