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Don't Leave the Home's Air Conditioning Maintenance to Luck

Three Tips for Keeping an AC System Up and Running 

An air conditioning system can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years with proper maintenance. However, the keyword here is “maintenance.” That means periodically changing the air filter, testing the thermostat, and scheduling regular maintenance visits with an air conditioner repair service. 

Without periodic maintenance, not only will an air conditioning unit not live up to its potential, but it could cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repair and replacement parts. Parties interested in keeping their AC units working consistently should continue reading to learn more. 

Air Filters Must Be Changed According to a Home’s Needs 

changing air filterA home without dogs or cats can use a single air filter for three months without problems. Over time, dander, hair, and other particles can collect in the air filter, preventing one’s system from “breathing.” Homeowners with furry friends should change their air filters about once every 60 days. 

There are generally signs that indicate the air filter needs to be replaced. Signs that an air filter needs to be replaced include: 

  • The AC unit isn’t producing cold air. 
  • The AC unit smells like it's overheating.
  • One’s energy bill has increased for no apparent reason.
  • Residents are suffering from respiratory problems, like trouble breathing and coughing. 

When there is a lot of dust collecting around a home’s vents, it’s not being filtered through the system. If not removed, this could cause a fire hazard or compromise the home’s indoor air quality. 


Check the Thermostat

Most thermostats don’t just stop working for no reason. It’s worth noting that one’s AC unit may work completely fine, but there could still be issues with the thermostat. Before consulting an AC repair service, one should check their thermostat's batteries and if the temperature on the screen seems right. Also, dust can affect the thermostat's ability to function properly. 

Check the unit’s air filter and see if it needs replacing. While the air filter isn’t directly connected to the thermostat, it still plays an instrumental role in the system’s operation. 

Schedule Yearly Maintenance Visits 

To the untrained eye, an AC unit might be working just fine. However, upon closer inspection, an AC maintenance professional might notice some underlying issues, such as: 

  • Puddles of water forming around the unit 
  • Loose connectors
  • Worn or rusted pipes
  • Resetting the system
  • Reinstalling old parts 

There are many things a professional can do to maintain an AC unit. One of those things involved is replacing the air filter. They can determine what filter works best for one’s system, measure the filter appropriately, and install it within minutes. 

In addition to installing a new air filter, a professional may also: 

  • Clean the unit’s internal components 
  • Unclog any blockages
  • Straighten out any bent fins 
  • Check the insulation or install a new compressor 


About Elite Comfort Systems 

Luck has nothing to do with a well-functioning AC system. It involves periodic maintenance and prompt attention when needed. Elite Comfort Systems has years of experience inspecting, maintaining, and fixing AC units. Call them today for an air filter replacement or a host of other services in Brentwood, CA.