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Don't Forget About Fall HVAC Maintenance

Get Heating Systems Ready for the Fall

With a little bit of summer still left, it may seem like it’s too early to start thinking about colder temperatures. However, the cool season will be here before anyone knows it. With that in mind, it can be helpful to start making preparations for the end of summer and the beginning of fall. One of the things that’s often neglected in the shuffle of seasonal changes is heater maintenance. Aiming to get heater maintenance done at the end of the summer can help save money and reduce the likelihood of unnecessary breakdowns. 

Take this advice from local HVAC maintenance professionals, and be sure to schedule heater maintenance before the heating season starts. 

The Importance of Heater Maintenance Before the Cool Season

Whether they are furnaces or heat pumps, heaters do a lot of work when the cool season comes along. While HVAC professionals recommend AC and heater maintenance twice per year, most people skip this vital service. Scheduling maintenance twice a year ensures that both the heater and air conditioner are either properly decommissioned or ready for the coming season. By scheduling heater maintenance in the fall, homeowners can take the opportunity to make sure their air conditioner is still in good shape after a hard summer while also preparing the heater for the coming season. 

Heater maintenance ensures that the homeowner will not have unexpected costs during the winter. A good maintenance program reduces the operating costs of a heater by lowering the energy that it uses and reducing the chance of a mechanical breakdown. It also can help improve indoor air quality by ensuring filters are clean, and humidity levels stay stable. 

It’s Not Too Early to Schedule Heater Maintenanceclock

While temperatures are still warm, this is the best time to schedule seasonal heater maintenance. Once the temperatures start to drop, HVAC contractors get swamped with requests for maintenance. By then, too many customers are experiencing outages that require technicians to service them first. 

Once the heating season starts, heater maintenance technicians will likely be too busy to perform service in a timely manner. Additionally, scheduling maintenance early can ensure that the heater is ready in case of an unpredictable early cold snap. 

What Is Included in Heater Maintenance? heater

Heater maintenance programs are designed by professionals so that homeowners can get the most out of their systems. Not only do they all include the manufacturer’s recommended services that keep warranties in place, but they also have other added steps that allow HVAC professionals to keep tabs on a heating and cooling system. 

Some of the steps homeowners can expect from a heater maintenance visit from HVAC professionals are:

  • Safety checks for natural gas systems
  • Inspection and cleaning of the burner to ensure it is burning efficiently 
  • Verify blowers are ready for the season
  • Electrical system checks
  • Replacing clogged filters
  • Visual inspection of ductwork

In short, after a heater maintenance visit, a heater will be ready for anything the winter can throw at it. 

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