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Celebrate National Wellness Month in August

National Wellness Month Is a Great Time To Check Your Indoor Air Quality

People rarely think of the air they breathe indoors when they think of National Wellness Month. Most people are focused on mental health, eating right, and exercising. And while these things are all important, the polluted indoor air people are breathing could have serious short- and long-term consequences. Therefore, August is a great time for homeowners to check on their Indoor Air Quality and to make adjustments if they find that the air they breathe most of the time is polluted. 

What Does Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Mean?

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Indoor Air Quality is the measure of pollutants and other airborne particles in a home or a building. Just like the air outside has the Air Quality Index, the air inside has Indoor Air Quality ratings. If the pollutants in a home are considered “high,” then the air inside that home is rated with a poor IAQ. But if there are few pollutants and the air is healthy, then the IAQ is good. 

Unfortunately, the indoor air quality of most homes and buildings is significantly worse than the air outdoors. Even with smog floating in the air outside, many people breathe worse air in their own homes! Not to worry, though, because there are always things homeowners can do to improve their home's air quality. 

Indoor Air Pollutants

dust When people hear that the air inside their homes is likely more polluted than the air outside, they think it’s not possible inside their homes. After all, it’s not like people are driving cars around in their homes! So how does the air quality inside a home get so bad? There are several sources. 

Volatile organic compounds are some of the culprits. These VOCs come in the form of pesticides, cleaning supplies, art supplies, and paint. These compounds can linger in the air for a long time, even well after the product has been used. Plus, since there’s not much of a breeze inside, exhaust and smoke can make their way into a home and, if it’s not properly ventilated,  get stuck there. Then, of course, other pollutants like dust, dirt, and pet dander can also collect inside the home.  

Poor Indoor Air Quality and Its Health Effects

Breathing in polluted air can have short- and long-term effects that may not be apparent to homeowners even as they suffer from them. Immediate effects can include irritated eyes and throat, running nose, trouble breathing, coughing fits, and allergy attacks. Long-term effects may include the development of asthma, respiratory issues, and lung issues like cancer in extreme cases. 

To keep the home’s IAQ at acceptable levels, it’s best to call a professional HVAC company to have the air quality tested and then addressed if need be. Installing proper filters and ensuring that the HVAC system receives proper maintenance are two ways to help keep the air inside a home healthy. And, of course, homeowners should get their indoor air quality checked during National Wellness Month!

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