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Air Conditioners: How They Work

How Air Conditioners Work To Keep Homes and Businesses Cool

For home or business owners with a DIY streak, they can quickly find that dealing with the air conditioner isn’t a DIY job. Air conditioners are complex and integrated machines that require specific knowledge to work on. HVAC professionals have years of training and experience that they offer when they perform AC maintenance or repairs. When homeowners find that they are having AC problems, licensed HVAC professionals can help. 

As air conditioning season rolls around, these local HVAC professionals want homeowners to have an understanding of how their machinery works. This can help homeowners better understand when to call for help. 

HVAC Anatomy

Lots of people are intimidated by their air conditioning equipment simply because they don’t understand it. Knowing about their air conditioner can empower people to know when to call for repairs and make them savvy consumers, so they don’t get ripped off with unnecessary repairs or poor maintenance. 

HVAC equipment is best understood by learning about the three main parts:

  • Compressor: The compressor is the workhorse of the unit. It recycles the refrigerant that performs the cooling work of the unit. This is the outdoor portion of an HVAC system.  
  • Furnace: Furnaces can burn natural gas, or they can be part of a heat pump system. Either way, this portion is located indoors with the blower equipment. 
  • Blower: The blower is the part of the unit that distributes the heated or cooled air around the home or business. Powerful fans blow unconditioned air across furnaces or cooled coils to push conditioned air through ductwork. 

How the Parts Work Together

hvac parts

All of the working parts of an AC meet together in the blower unit. In the blower, compressed refrigerant is allowed to expand into a coil, causing it to cool rapidly. Simultaneously, the blower blows warm, unconditioned air across the coil, and the air is cooled. The newly cooled air is distributed through the ductwork, while the refrigerant is pumped outside to be compressed and recycled. 

How HVAC Professionals Can Help

As complex as an air conditioner is, understanding them is as simple as learning how they work. But, with all of the moving parts that have to work in harmony, there can be a lot of things that can go wrong. This is where a licensed HVAC contractor can come in handy. For people that own air conditioners, it is helpful to think of a contractor’s services in two categories:professional
  • AC Maintenance: HVAC professionals perform routine maintenance to prevent problems, increase efficiency, and prolong the equipment’s lifespan. 
  • AC Repair: When equipment failures happen, AC repairs will be the only way to fix them. AC repair is necessary to fix problems like poor airflow, bad thermostats, or inadequately cooled air. 

AC maintenance is preventative, while AC repair is reactionary. A good AC maintenance company will offer both services at a high level of satisfaction. By scheduling good maintenance and timely AC repairs, consumers can have confidence that their system will be reliable and safe. 

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