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3 Ways to Get the HVAC System Ready For Fall

Prepare for Fall With These Heating Maintenance Tips

October is the gateway to autumn - where the last of the summer heat dissipates, and the cooler weather finally blows in to stay. And as things cool down, homeowners everywhere will switch to using their heaters more frequently to fend off the fall chill. 

So before temperatures drop along with the changing leaves, it’s a good idea to ensure the heating system is ready. After all, the last thing anyone wants on a brisk fall evening is for the furnace to stop working! So this article will discuss three easy tips to help homeowners prepare their heating systems for the cold months ahead!

Schedule Professional Maintenance

maintenanceThe first tip for fall HVAC care is to have the system serviced by a professional. They can thoroughly inspect the unit to ensure that everything is functioning the way it should be and that there are no hidden issues that might cause problems later on. They will also perform general maintenance tasks to mitigate wear and tear and improve efficiency. This will not only keep the heater from breaking down in the dead of night, but it will also help it perform better, which makes for a lower energy bill and a comfier home.

A few of the tasks involved in an HVAC tune-up include cleaning and lubricating mechanical parts, checking electrical components for faults or loose connections, testing the heat limit switch and other safety devices for proper function, measuring motor amperage, calibrating the thermostat, and inspecting ductwork for damage. Maintenance for gas or oil furnaces will also involve cleaning burners, checking the pilot light, and inspecting gas lines and exhaust chimneys for leaks.

Replace Air Filters (On Time)

filter The next maintenance tip is an easy one: change the air filters. HVAC air filters help capture pollutants like dust, hair, dander, pollen, mold, and even bacteria from the indoor air. This is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality and protecting the unit from contaminants that can damage or impede the system’s internal components.

But when the filters get too dirty, the blower will have a harder time pulling in air to be heated, resulting in a loss of performance and efficiency - not to mention additional stress on the unit. By replacing the filter before it gets to this point, homeowners can help maintain proper airflow, improve their HVAC system’s efficiency, reduce wear and tear on the unit, and improve the indoor air quality in their homes.

For most homes, this means replacing the filters every three months. But more frequent replacements may be necessary for those with multiple pets, respiratory sensitivities (allergies, asthma, etc.), or particularly dusty homes.

Keep an Eye On Energy Usage

Another way to keep the HVAC system going strong this fall is to keep track of energy usage. HVAC systems use more energy than any other appliance in the home, so heating and cooling costs typically represent the bulk of the monthly utility bills. By tracking usage, homeowners can get a clearer picture of their HVAC system’s overall efficiency - and look for ways to improve it.

One great way to do this is to install a smart thermostat. These are designed to improve energy efficiency in various ways, from suggesting more efficient temperature settings to automatically adjusting the temperature when no one is home. Most models even provide detailed energy usage reports. 

But even without installing a smart thermostat, homeowners can still learn a lot from their energy bills. If the usage seems unusually high, it may be a sign that the home could use weatherstripping or “weatherproof” windows that help reduce the transfer of heat between the indoor and outdoor air. 

High energy bills can also signify issues with the HVAC system, so monitoring energy usage can alert homeowners to major problems early on. If homeowners notice higher than normal energy bills, they should contact a local HVAC service company for a thorough inspection.

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