What Are The Benefits?

Join the Elite team and take advantage of some amazing benefits

Our Benefits


Our team is our family and we all share a commitment to excellence and a love for our customers.

Medical Insurance

Our medical insurance is top notch, you and your family’s health are always the priority.

Dental Insurance

Take care of that smile!

Vision Insurance

Regular vision maintenance is important to quality of life.

Life Insurance

We belive in being prepared always.


Paid Time Off (PTO)

We believe in creating a work/life balance and want all of our team to have the same.

6 Paid Holidays

Spending time with loved ones makes everything worth it.

Paid On/Off Jobsite Training

We value your time as we would our own.

Commission/Efficiency Bonuses

The commission is based on what you sell. The efficiency bonus is based on your efficiency getting the job done.

Elite Comfort Systems