A ductless air conditioner can be an excellent choice for homes and businesses alike, especially given its wide range
of advantages over both central air conditioning and stand-alone window mounted air conditioning units. Ductless
air conditioners can provide a better cooling experience while consuming less energy, and requiring less
maintenance on the part of the owner.
What is a Ductless AC Unit
A ductless air conditioning system is comprised of two components. The interior component includes the evaporator
coil and airflow fan, while the exterior component includes the condensing coil, compressor and radiator. These two
components are connected by an insulated coolant line.
When compared to other AC systems, installing a ductless air conditioner has a number of structural advantages.
The coolant line requires less effort to install than ducting does and has less of an impact on the home’s structure.
Additionally, unlike window AC units, the interior component can be placed wherever it is needed.
Advantages of a Ductless AC System
Ductless AC systems have a wide range of advantages over central air conditioning systems and window units
alike. Because the air conditioning unit does not need to be distributed through a network of ducts, the air
conditioner can provide a higher degree of cooling when compared to a central air conditioning system.
Furthermore, the ability to install the ductless system anywhere in the house makes it easy to make use of the fact
that cool air sinks to naturally distribute the ductless AC’s effects throughout the house.
Finally, the ducting systems associated with central air conditioning can fall prey to variety of problems. Ducts
must be regularly cleaned in order to prevent dust and mold from accumulating and this can be a laborious and
difficult process. In comparison, ductless systems use filters that can be easily cleaned or changed when needed.
Finally, ductless AC systems are far more effective when compared to window mounted air conditioners. They do
not create the potential security risks that a window mounted AC unit can cause, in addition to being more
attractive. Finally, window AC units are less energy efficient than ductless AC systems, resulting in higher utility
bills. Ultimately, ductless air conditioning provides a wide range of advantages over other air conditioning systems.

With superior cooling capacity and lower utility and maintenance costs, ductless AC systems are an ideal choice to face the summer.